Daily Muslim Call to Prayer on UK television

Channel 4 Muslim call to prayerFACT

During the Muslim season of Ramadan, Channel Four is broadcasting the Islamic call to prayer every day. Ralph Lee, Channel 4’s Head of Factual Programming is quoted as saying “the daily prayers will ‘act as a nationwide tannoy system’, a deliberate ‘provocation’ to all our viewers in the very real sense of the word”. Ironically, the National Secular Society supports this initiative.


  • Write to Mr. David Abraham, Chief Executive, Channel 4, 124 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2TX. Point out that in the context of our Christian inheritance many will regard it as offensive. On a more positive note perhaps you could suggest that Channel 4 has now set a precedent for prayers during the Christian seasons such as Holy Week, Lent and Christmas. Ask them if they are prepared to do this?
  • Above all PRAY for the media.

4 Responses to “Daily Muslim Call to Prayer on UK television”

  1. Gina Eastwood DHM Says:

    re Maranatha challenged them to give the numbers of National Secular Society comments broadcast in the previous two years, but the BBC steadfastly refused., is this information available under the Freedom of Information Act?

  2. trumpetcall Says:

    We challenged the BBC under the Freedom of Information Act, but the BBC put a block on it. We have all the correspondence in the Maranatha Community Office.

  3. Reason 60: Because It Is The Victors Who Write History | 365 Reasons To Homeschool Says:

    […] taken from “Trumpet Call” of BBC nightly airing of muslim call to prayer during […]

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