The period following a General Election is an ideal time to establish a good relationship with your local MP, especially if they are new to the position. Maranatha has recently joined with the Nationwide Christian Trust, CARE and Gideons in sending a letter of support and encouragement to all MPs, together with a resource pack which contains ‘The Big Question – What on Earth are we Doing to our Children?’, ‘Values – The characteristics of our British national identity’, a Gideons New Testament & Psalms, the CARE Prayer Diary and a booklet ‘Rebuilding Christian Britain’. MPs have a huge workload, and we encourage you to find ways to support your MP, particularly through prayer.

Urgent action needed.


  • Elderly Person in hospitalRob Marris MP has brought the ‘Assisted Dying’ Bill before the House of Commons. The Bill was proposed by Lord Falconer in the House of Lords but ran out of time during the last Parliament. Lord Falconer was afforded low priority in the Peers’ ballot following the Election. Rob Marris MP, who gained prime position in the Private Members’ Bills ballot, has chosen to bring Lord Falconer’s Bill to the Commons.
  • This Bill would allow doctors to prescribe a lethal injection to any terminally ill patient requesting it whose diagnosis indicated they may have no more than six months to live.
  • Although assessment for mental competence is stipulated, many believe there are inadequate safeguards in this Bill to protect frail individuals from coercion.
  • The proposed legislation is opposed by the vast majority of doctors in the UK.
  • The vote on this Bill will take place on Friday, 11th September 2015. MP’s ARE REPORTING THAT THEY WILL “SEE WHAT THEIR CONSTITUENTS HAVE TO SAY” BEFORE MAKING UP THEIR MINDS.


This website provides further helpful information:
See also Maranatha’s document on Euthansia.


  • “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms” (Eph 6.12). We recognise that we have given ground to the spirit of death in this nation. We ask for God’s mercy and pray for the halting of this destructive influence.
  • Pray for wisdom for those MPs who will be speaking against this Bill, and for guidance for all voting MPs, such that they may be convinced of its wrongness.


  • Make an appointment to see your MP at their local constituency surgery and explain to them why they should oppose this Bill. If you cannot see them personally, please write to them. Stress that you are urging them to attend the vote on 11th September, in view of the profound implications for the terminally ill. Ask members of your church and friends to take similar action.
  • Follow up your visit with a letter or email reaffirming the reasons for opposing this Bill.
  • Please let us know the results of your efforts so that we can inform the MPs opposing the Bill.

7 Responses to “ASSISTED SUICIDE”

  1. ruth thomason Gunning Says:

    I have tried 3 times to send a message to my MP quite lengthy and with a personal story much though I would like to support the cause I just dont have the time to keep going round and round
    I used the link within trumpet call .There is something wrong with your site

    • trumpetcall Says:

      We am sorry that you have had trouble with sending your message. We presume that you are referring to the website (over which we have no control) but one our team has just sent his own message to his MP using this website and it seems to be working fine today.

  2. lushvox Says:

    Reblogged this on lushvox.

  3. ANDREW Says:

    Wrote to my MP Paul Maynard and he has replied to say that he will be opposing this evil piece of legislation.

  4. Mike Says:

    I have emailed my MP with some arguments.

    He is new and I met him at a hustings before the election and asked him his stance on Assisted Suicide. He said that, as he was a Christian he is against it. I’ll confirm his answer when I get a reply.
    Incidentally, 2 other candidates gave the same response.

  5. Frances Berrill Says:

    Christian M.P.s from 3 different Parties came to the Parliamentary Prayer Meeting on Wednesday saying it is urgent that we tell everyone we know to ask their M.P. to vote ‘NO’ to this Bill. They say its results would be terrible if it became law. Loving greetings to Dennis

  6. Charles Parker Says:

    Praise God that the bill was defeated.

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